Nurturing a family of authors.
Tattva Network is an informal collective of authors from across the country who are enriching the world of publishing with their creative ideas.
  • Raghav Chandegra

    Raghav is a practicing dentist and director of 'The Good Plate Company' a environmentally conscious tableware brand. He is part of the Tattva Press team.

  • Sumit Joshi

    Sumit comes from a corporate business background, with a current focus on the energy sector. He currently head the financial strategy for Tattva.

  • Rajiv Chandegra

    Rajiv is a portfolio GP with expertise in global health, policy and health. strategy. He leads the Tattva Network.

  • Sachin Nandha

    Sachin has a postgrad in philosophy and leads Vichaar Manthan, a platform for earnest thinkers to engage in dialogue on issues that affect British society, through a Hindu civilisational lens.

  • Jay Jina

    Jay has held many executive and mentoring roles in the past. His research interests include Dharmic Philosophy, Current affairs and Indian Diaspora. 

  • Shivani Pala

    Shivani heads research for EI Advisory, is a mentor on the programme and leads the London Hub.

  • Bhavin Tailor

    Bhavin is a secondary school deputy head, with a background in philosophy and religious studies. He currently coordinates the Tattva Authorship Programme.

  • Rishi Handa

    Rishi holds a PhD in Study of Religions at SOAS. He teaches Sanskrit at St James School and coordinates the Tattva Authorship Programme.

  • Vibhuti Patel

    Vibhuti has a Ph.D. in Analytical Biochemistry and is a project leader for FoodCycle Cambridge. She works for the finance team in Tattva and is editor of Beyond. the Bindi.

  • Ravi Lakhani

    Ravi is a property consultant and has a keen interest in climbing. His research entailed studying how history is taught in Britain.

  • Amar Trivedi

    Amar's interest in British and Indian Politics and of UK-India relations as a whole, was translated into his work on 'Breaking the Colonial Mind-cuffs' - how the English language has controlled the Indic psyche, to a level where the debilitating effects of colonial rule still linger on.

  • Tejal Pankhania

    Tejal is a practicing dentist with and a yoga practitioner, and leads the Tattva outreach and masterclass programme.


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