About us

We nurture an ecosystem for creatives leaders and emergent ideas through learning initiatives, facilitating discussions and offering publishing opportunities


Our purpose is to

bring about societal flourishing through creativity

We believe the world is at a tipping point.

In the context of overwhelming complexity, globalisation, hyper-polarised politics and degenerating social and ecosystems, the current paradigms are failing us. For instance, we have become over-reliant on technology to solve our issues. This is naivity.

Perhaps, we need to create a fundamental shift in our values. What are these values? Paradigms - a collection of values - based on regeneration, balance, diversity and sustainability can be coined in the broad concept of dharma. Indigeneous cultures - those rooted to nature - hold this paradigm in the high esteem. Can we learn something from these cultures?

Tattva’is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘the essence of’. It is the fearless and open-minded search for the essence of things. It inspires the aspirant to search both internally and externally, set aside mental filters and question basic assumptions. Through this, we open up new ways of being and new possibilities in this world.

Innovative thinking doesn't mean rebelling against the old. It doesn't mean revamping the entire fabric of society. It doesn't necessarily mean doing or being radical. Building a sustainable, stable and secure future often means preserving that which is essential. Preserving the 'essence' is Tattva.

From these basic assumptions, comes our unique purpose. Our unique purpose is therefore to make creativity, the culture. We are an interdisciplinary platform that builds this kind of creative leadership and incubates ideas that are inspired by this paradigm.

We do this by through open learning, publishing initiatives, creative and research hubs and public conversations, engaging thinkers and creatives to push the frontiers of their work.

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