Reimagining The Education System

How the symbolism of an 'integral human being' can help transform a broken education system
Research Paper

Reimagining The Education System

Tensions of the Current System

Over the past decade, the United Kingdom's Education System (UKES) has had ten different Education Ministers while teachers, uninspired by the system, leave the profession in droves reporting unmanageable workloads. Regularly failing to meet their recruitment requirement, the government is also seeing a drop in teaching applicants this year by 20%. The issues we face in the UKES come under the banner of a ‘wicked problems’ [7]. The three ingredients of all wicked problem are uncertainty, complexity and the divergence of values. As each of these components increase, the problem becomes more wicked. Wicked problems have certain characteristics, which we shall explore in the full paper.

Metaphor of the Integral Human Body

This research paper uses an analytical framework of the 'Integral Human Being' to map the various dimensions of a complex education system, focusing on 4 key parts. It can be broadly divided into four sub-groups, namely the head, the arms, the heart and the legs - each serving a unique and complementary purpose. Observing the influence and interconnectivity of these sub-groups, a road map for societal harmony and balance is created. At a micro-level, this metaphor serves the individual in their attempt to uncover their inherent nature and recognise where and how they best fit into the whole.

The Head

This, first in a series of papers, focuses on 'The Head', consisting of the brain, eyes, ears and mouth, represents leaders, visionaries, historians, thinkers, logicians, creatives and philosophers. This group has different standpoints like logic, mystery, history and wonder. They can be discerning, optimistic, sceptical or pragmatic. The head also represents the elders who have completed their careers and have insights from experience. Generally, this group of people pursue truth and wisdom. This group further subdivides into the mind, the eyes, the ears and the mouth.


We acknoweldge all the teachers, mentors, educators and elders who have helped to produce this analysis and continue to shape positive trajectory in the evolution of a rebuilding and reimagining a 'fit for purpose' education system.


This publication is dedicated to Jesal's father, who sadly passed away recently. Jesal's father was a teacher and mentor to many in the community.