Tattva Authorship

The Tattva Authorship is a structured programme to accelerate aspiring creatives on a journey toward creative and leadership excellence.


Who is it for?

The Fellowship is for aspiring creatives who seek velocity whilst delving into the values and insights from indigenous cultures and the paradigm of dharma - a context for seeing the world through the prism of interconnectedness, balance, regeneration and sustainability.

The fundamental context we nurture is that of 'being a creator', not just in one's work, but in all aspects of life.

Learning Philosophy


Past Cohorts & Testimonials

"Tattva offered me guided discipline. For years, I was thinking about writing on Politics, but I never found the time, confidence or support. And now, I've written my first book and already preparing for my second."

- Kishan Bhatt, 2019 Fellow

"Tattva came just at the right time for me. There was so much I wanted to express and the community that Tattva has built supported me in my journey to communicate my ideas"

- Manu Khajuria, 2020 Fellow

Tattva 2020 was a unique year. The entire programme took place on a virtual basis.

As a new pilot initiative to work with university campuses, there was a 6-week 'Creative Leadership Programme' that was kickstarted on the King's College London campus. It was aimed at students and young professionals.

Register Interest for 2023

We are open for registrations of interest from sincere and earnest applications who want to combine their sincere creative aspirations with their passion for exploring dharmic paradigms and indic culture.
The next round will begin in 2023.

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