Yoga and the Future

Will society finally embrace Yoga as a legimate system of overall wellbeing?
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Yoga and the Future

Yoga - with its roots in India as a holistic system of providing balance and equanimity - is a global phenomenon, but is it fully respected in healthcare systems?


This paper aims to explore the utilisation of the ancient Eastern practice of Yoga as an adjunctive therapy for COVID-19 in the Western world and whether it will be accepted as a Western ideal for medicine, regardless of its Eastern roots. COVID-19 initially left the world at a standstill and as we recover from it, we notice the long-term repercussions on the health of its victims and their families - predominantly respiratory, but also mentally as people suffered from a two year wave of uncertainty, fatigue and grief. Yoga is an internalising practice that allows one to build their immunity, strengthen their respiratory function, and balance their state of mind  - whilst it’s effects are not as acute as being vaccinated, it is a practice that can aid both recovery and prevention and therefore, we question whether it should be implemented as a global health initiative to be accessible by the masses.

Key Points

COVID has left long term effects - majority of which can be alleviated by or positively impacted by the practice of Yoga. Yoga is an Eastern practice - can it be accepted by the West on such a large scale? Is it too good to believe that something that will not be making money for the economy, requires no medication or physical treatments can have such profound effect.Can we use Yoga to change people's locus of control which therefore leads to long-term benefits of both patients and the health care system.


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