Broken Politics and Political Tribalism

How 'Left vs Right' ideologies are breaking us and why we need a holistic approach to politics

Broken Politics and Political Tribalism

A critical and historical look at the dearth of society to reconocile political differences and how we can move towards a less hostile approach.


In a post-brexit this concise and thought-provoking book explores how entrenched ideologies are at the root of Britain's political problems. We have turned society into political tribes - victims of power, unable to adapt and evolve. With Brexit at the forefront of UK Politics, the cycle of competing political ideologies and zero-sum games is driving society to the ground. This must change and now is the opportune time to think differently.

Key Points

Just as politics is as old as society, political alliances are as old as ideas. In strengthening ideas that govern society, alliances seek greater and greater power. This enduring tribal culture is nothing but an outward manifestation of our inner need to control our environment based on what feel is important. This is an unsustainable way of working, and we see it reflected everyday in society. Something has to give. And, they often do, in the form of conflict.


Can we instead adopt a more integrated approach to politics, whereby we acknowledge the inherent insecurities of compromising our treasured ideologies, and begin to work together towards a future that respects our environment and communities.