Think: differently is a set of conversations, which seeks to educate and engage thinkers and creatives in imagining different paradigms for percieving life and society.

Can we conceptualise a different way of 'seeing' or analysing life and society?

All cultures and civilisations have made use of 'frameworks' - ways of viewing the world, both in a observational capacity and an evaluatory capacity. Broadly, theo-centric paradigms have put 'God' at the centre of judgement and belief as the primary motivator. Politico paradigms, have put Power at the centre of judgement and group membership as the primary motivator. Scientific paradigms have put logic at the centre of judgement and research as the primary motivator.

We can of course align to all of these, or none of these. In certain areas of life, we can pick and choose which frameworks we use. Whatever be the case, all of them have limitations. Theology is limited by belief. Politics is limited by identity. Science is limited by linear logic.

Is there another way of thinking?

We explore a paradigm of thinking that comes in many names: - Systems Thinking, Regeneratve Thinking, Sustainablity Thinking, Dharmic Thinking. Here, the ontological emphasis is placed on the relationship between entities in given systems - social or natural - rather than the entities themselves. This way of thinking is premised on the idea that an entity in a given system is inter-dependent to everything else in the system. With this premise, the grand purpose of that entity is aligned with the grand-purpose of the system.

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