Women, Tradition and India

Breaking stereotypes at the intersection of Womanhood, Tradition and India






Jazz-Kaur sharma

October 2019

Tattva Press

Bhavin Tailor

‘Women, Tradition and India’ is nothing but a ground-breaking piece of work on the oft-misunderstood intersection of these three terms. Through research and lived wisdom, Jazz has condensed multiple experiences and insights into a single coherent narrative which will break stereotypes. The role of traditions, particularly for migrant communities such as the British Indian community, is a vital one. Our choices around whether we uphold and respect the ancient wisdom encoded in many traditions can determine the longevity and value of such wisdom. This decision around what is discarded and what is upheld often gets lost in the war of narratives. For women to critically assess whether traditions currently add value or not, and whether they can continue to add value, it is important to understand where the tradition comes from and its purpose.