Trust us, we're not exotic

Why not to fetishise British Indian women






Devika Jina

June 2018

Tattva Press

Dr Sachin Nandha

In this incredible concoction of compelling narrative and hard truths, Devika exposes how seemingly flattering compliments such as "you're so exotic" are rooted in worst bits of the British Raj. The sentence - "It’s easy to convince yourself that the past has no bearing on how we live today" - from Reni Eddo-Lodge’s “Why I’m no Longer Talking to White People About Race” not only strikes the jugular but makes you more aware of the habits passed on from generation to generation, especially if you fit into the category of “other”.
Devika explores what about the fetishisation of Indian women by looking back at her own stories and those of others, to find uncanny similarities of colonial attitudes towards her ancestors.