Riding the Vegan Waves

How the Vegan movement has taken us by storm






Zima Bhatt

June 2017

Tattva Press

Dr Vibhuti Patel

Mistreatment of animals reared for meat eaters or the dairy loving humans is timeworn news. Social media is cluttered with video documentaries subjected to bitter and cold hostility in the comments section from both sides. However, in the pages to follow, Riding The Vegan Wave, authentically presents a balanced narrative which goes as far as to admit that “Vegans are not perfect”. Perhaps it’s this type of courageous and vulnerable writing that puts Zima Bhatt apart from other advocates of Veganism. The most recent global episodes of turmoil onset by wet meat markets in the Far East are an unfortunate reminder of the continued human ignorance. Scandals like the horse-meat incidence have won support for ‘proper’ farming and food production practices. We need change and the author is in no denial that change is happening. No one however can disagree that the chain reaction commences from what we ‘choose’ to put on our plates. “The customer is always right” is an apt quote from a leading supermarket from the opening of this thesis. Throughout this book, I see that claims about the food and hospitality industry are clearly and seriously supported with robust data.