Decolonising Identity

Aside from the simplistic notions of colonialism, is there a more insidious form that we must overcome?






Vivek Sharma

October 2019

Tattva Press

Shivani Pala

Colonialism is not dead; it has merely changed its face. The policy of a foreign nation seeking to dominate an indigenous population to further its own interests is an uncomfortable but common feature in the past of many developed western nations. By 1800, Europeans controlled at least 35% of the globe; by 1914 their control had expanded to encompass 84% of the globe. Today the very same internal colonialist impetus, the ‘spirit of empire’, is driving entities in commerce, politics and religion to manifest the external features of colonialist empires; a ruthless drive to grow, dominate, exploit and increase their control globally. From where does the ‘spirit of empire’ and the instinct to dominate and exploit arise? There are specific preconditions that are necessary for any external expression of the colonialist impetus or colonialist instinct to manifest. The colonialist instinct is precisely that which makes individuals and groups choose to exploit and dominate others for self-gain and benefit. This essay is an exploration of the. deep psychology of the colonial mindset.