Broken Politics

Right vs Left wing politics is broken. Can we look to the East for an alternative?






Kishan Bhatt

June 2019

Tattva Press

Jay Jina

In this concise and thought-provoking book, Kishan Bhatt explores how entrenched ideologies are at the root of Britain's political problems. We have turned society into political tribes - victims of power, unable to adapt and evolve. With Brexit at the forefront of UK Politics, the cycle of competing political ideologies and zero-sum games is driving society to the ground. This must change and now is the opportune time to think differently. The book will offer a new way of thinking, and in particular, a new way of 'seeing' Politics. Using contemporary examples, it starts by elaborating on the limitations of political ideology. It then seeks to offer an alternative set of principles, with an introductory overview of Integral Humanism, a holistic political philosophy that begins by first understanding the common pursuits of human beings. These principles see society as an emergent, living organism - something we all have a part in nurturing. In doing so, it reconciles the dichotomy between Capitalist Individualism on one hand and Marxist Socialism on the other.