21 Century Yoga: A Cultural Misappropriation?

How decades of western industry, branding and commoditisation have almost severed yoga from its origins






Tejal Pankhania

June 2018

Tattva Press

Dr Rishi Handa

This essay is a primer. It attempts to acknowledge the schism between the sacred source of Yoga on one hand, with the multi-billion dollar industry of it on the other. Cultural misappropriation is not just a trendy word. Aside from misattributing traditions and practices to their roots, Tejal explains how it can also be counterproductive for the student of Yoga. In stripping the deep essence of Yoga from simply from the modern day versions, the student misses out on a host of psychological and physiological benefits. I sincerely believe this short piece of work can harness a fruitful discussion on the future of Yogic practices around the world.