Tattva is a non-profit initiative run on a voluntary basis and we're always keen to work with people who support our vision of providing platform for aspiring authors and building diversity in publishing. You can work with us in multiple ways. Contact us via the form below, alternatively, you can email hellotattva@gmail.com

Publishers and/or Distributors

If you are a publisher looking to bring diverse literature to the forefront and would like to work with us for our 2019-2020 projects. 

If you are an organisation that has an existing distributor network and would like to purchase books in bulk at a reduced price.


For budding writers or established authors looking to join the Tattva Network, keen to bring Indic culture and values
into British contemporary society through literature.

Media and Journalists

For media organisations or journalists looking to add diversity and well-researched work. 


Art and Literature complement one-another. We are seeking collaborations in the areas of:- visual arts, dance,
spoken-word, music, film and photography.

Donors in-kind

For donors willing to contribute their time and resources, particularly in the areas of:- web and graphic design, photography, videography, catering, venue space, printing, and stationary.

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