Literature Projects

We believe in the power of literature to create a world with a genuine diversity of world-views and voices.
Our projects introduce ideas that seek to create public impact and shape a more positive, balanced world narrative. We welcome your participation.
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An anthology and platform exploring perspectives

of British Hindu feminism and womanhood

21 Century Yoga: A Cultural Misappropriation?

How decades of western industry, branding and commoditisation have almost severed yoga from its origins

June 2018

Decolonising Identity

Aside from the simplistic notions of colonialism, is there a more insidious form that we must overcome?

October 2019

Reshaping our world view

Can we overcome our limited Eurocentric lens of history and expand our gaze globally?

October 2017

Western ideas of progress and their impact on humanity

How colonialism, industrialisation and slavery reshaped our world

October 2017

Beyond the Bindi

An anthology exploring perspectives on womanhood and feminism through British Hindu Women

Autumn 2020

Dissecting Ayurveda

Can we reconcile the seemingly polar methods of healthcare in the UK?

October 2019

Riding the Vegan Waves

How the Vegan movement has taken us by storm

June 2017

Women, Tradition and India

Breaking stereotypes at the intersection of Womanhood, Tradition and India

October 2019

Breaking colonial midcuffs

Has self and identity become subjected to a second, more pervasive form of colonisation: language?

June 2018

Does happiness measure up?

We measure everything. Can we measure happiness?

June 2018

Satyagraha: Gandhi's version of war

How non-violent struggle and civil disobedience came to define the Mahatma

June 2018

Broken Politics

Right vs Left wing politics is broken. Can we look to the East for an alternative?

June 2019

Knowledge sharing for societal good

How effective knowledge management can build a better world

October 2017

Trust us, we're not exotic

Why not to fetishise British Indian women

June 2018

Literature Projects