‘Being in Beta’ is the title we have given to this series of publications following our inaugural launch in 2017. ‘Beta’ is a term used for products that are released and tested in order to learn and improve upon. In our case, it refers to the continual culture of learning, and openness.


We live in an unprecedented era. The world is becoming smaller and more accessible. But our experiences of it are being filtered through a smartphone device. Our minds are bombarded with data, and due to our busy lives, we revert to binary and polarised thinking - believing any information thrown at us. Wedon't have time for meaningful critique, nor the willingness to question fundamental assumptions around topics of interest.


This third publication in the series is entitled Tipping Points. We chose Tipping Points as the title because it exemplifies the enormous effort required to reach the point where the balance of public discourse begins to tip and where one starts to make a real difference with their writing.


Features include:

"Decolonising Identity: Why it is essential to survive in a post-colonial world"

"Dissecting Ayurveda: Is its practice legitimate in the UK?"

"Mending Broken Politics: Can We Govern Society Without An Ideology?"
"Women, Tradition and India: Caught In The Cross-Fire In A War Of Narratives"

Tipping Points

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