Tattva Design Awards for university students

What is it?

We believe great design can alter the way we frame and 'see' issues and emerging ideas. Great design is not just about aesthetics, but about including the user/reader/consumer in the purpose.

The Design Awards are for those students who care about design in changing the world. Any number of people can enter by designing 3 book design covers based on design briefs. There will be 3 prizes, including an opportunity to speak at one of our design events.

1st Prize: £250 + Speak at our design event + Implementation of book cover designs
2nd Prize: £200 + Implementation of book cover designs
3rd Prize: £150 + Implementation of book cover designs

All book design covers will be reviewed by an independent panel of design experts.

When is it?

Competition opens: 15th March 2021
Entry Submission deadline: 15th April 2021
Declaration of awards: 15th May 2021

Who is it for?

The design awards are open to university students only, and you can only enter with a verifiable university email address.

How to Enter

Enter by filling out the following form:

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