Nurturing a family of authors.
Tattva Network is an collective of authors from across the country who are enriching the world of publishing with their creative ideas.

Raghav Chandegra

Raghav is a practicing dentist and director of 'The Good Plate Company' a environmentally conscious tableware brand. He is part of the Tattva Press team.

Jay Jina

Jay has held many executive and mentoring roles in the past. His research interests include Dharmic Philosophy, Current affairs and Indian Diaspora. 

Vibhuti Patel

Vibhuti has a Ph.D. in Analytical Biochemistry and is a project leader for FoodCycle Cambridge. She works for the finance team in Tattva and is editor of Beyond. the Bindi.

Zima Bhatt

Zima is a marketeer and writes about aspects of family, marriage and weddings. She leads the Northern Hub.

Vidhu Sharma

Vidhu is a spoken word poet under the stage name of 'BananaSharma' and a content strategist. She is part of Tattva Press and heads communications.

Vivek Sharma

Vivek is a management strategist and critical thinker. His interest in colonialism sparked his most recent book on 'Decolonising Identity'.

Sumit Joshi

Sumit comes from a corporate business background, with a current focus on the energy sector. He currently head the financial strategy for Tattva.

Shivani Pala

Shivani heads research for EI Advisory, is a mentor on the programme and leads the London Hub.

Ravi Lakhani

Ravi is a property consultant and has a keen interest in climbing. His research entailed studying how history is taught in Britain.

Punit Modi

Punit is a playwright and director of on-stage drama. His research interest is 'Gandhi'.

Kartik Bharadia

Kartik is a practicing optician and social entrepreneur helping to alleviate avoidable blindness in Indian villages.

Snehal shah

Snehal is a science journalist and is passionate about healthcare, particularly how modern healthcare and Ayurveda can work together.

Rajiv Chandegra

Rajiv is a portfolio GP with expertise in global health, policy and health. strategy. He leads the Tattva Network.

Bhavin Tailor

Bhavin is a secondary school deputy head, with a background in philosophy and religious studies. He currently coordinates the Tattva Authorship Programme.

Amar Trivedi

Amar's interest in British and Indian Politics and of UK-India relations as a whole, was translated into his work on 'Breaking the Colonial Mind-cuffs' - how the English language has controlled the Indic psyche, to a level where the debilitating effects of colonial rule still linger on.

Devika Jina

Devika is an environmental worker and author of several books including her most recent one on Greta Thunberg, published by Penguin.

Kishan Bhatt

Kishan is a barrister and regular commentator on political affairs, having published his first book, 'Broken Politics'.

Sachin Nandha

Sachin has a postgrad in philosophy and leads Vichaar Manthan, a platform for earnest thinkers to engage in dialogue on issues that affect British society, through a Hindu civilisational lens.

Rishi Handa

Rishi holds a PhD in Study of Religions at SOAS. He teaches Sanskrit at St James School and coordinates the Tattva Authorship Programme.

Tejal Pankhania

Tejal is a practicing dentist with and a yoga practitioner, and leads the Tattva outreach and masterclass programme.

Paven Sharma

Paven is a legal engineer based in Singapore and interested in the role of technology on our lives

Jazz-Kaur sharma

Jazz works in advertising and is an admirer of hip-hop. She brings the cool-factor to the group. Her seminal piece on 'Women, India and Tradition: Caught in a crossfire in the war of narratives' was a powerful and confident piece exploring pertinent misconceptions.


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