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We all need a mentor. A mentor is someone who has their interests vested in our interests, with no ulterior motive but our own growth and flourishing. A mentor inspires, pushes, challenges and guides us. In our humility, we become open to being coached. Indeed the bond between a mentor and a mentee is sacred. The crisis in our society is that young and aspiring individuals rarely have such mentors in their lives and so their growth and direction are dearly missing.


During the programme, each author is assigned a mentor and forging relationships with them is the heart and soul of our approach.

The mentors, in their own right, are excellent communicators and critical analysts. Not only do they mentor, but they offer their time to engage in discussions as panelists and as debate or discussion chairs. If you need someone to chair a debate or conduct an interview, get in touch.

Vibhuti has a Ph.D. in Analytical Biochemistry from the University of Warwick and currently works for the University of Cambridge as a head of team supporting researchers to rake their discoveries into real-world applications.

She is also a volunteer project leader for FoodCycle Cambridge, a cinephile, and a recent convert to the joy of running, completing her first half-marathon in March 2018.

She mentored Zima Bhatt and Punit Modi.

She heads the mentoring programme for Tattva.



Rishi studies Maths with Theoretical Physics at UCL before pursuing an MA in Hindu Law and Indian Philosophy and a Ph.D. in the Study of Religions at SOAS.

He is currently head of Sanskrit at St James' Senior Boys School.

In his spare time, he is the keyboardist and guitarist of a band called Flute that Groove and is always up for learning and teaching languages.

He mentored Vidhu Sharma and Tejal Pankhania.



Shivani has a BSc in biochemistry and Mres in biochemical research from Imperial College London. Currently she heads research for EI Advisory and manages a team of analysts, writing intelligence reports for B2B corporates.

She has hobbies in fitness, cooking, theatre, Star Wars and raising her three-year old boy.

She was mentor to Kartik Bharadia.



Having pursued a professional career in academia and industry, most recently as European IT director for a multinational, Jay is now focused on business consulting, writing and as a part-time University academic. Jay's interests span:- History, Dharmic Philosophy, Current affairs and Indian Diaspora. 

He was mentor to Paven Sharma and Amar Trivedi

He heads the financial strategy for Tattva.



Sachin has an undergraduate in engineering and is a postgraduate of Philosophy. He has written and published several academic papers around Identity, Christian and Islamic theology, and Liberty. In a professional capacity, he is the Chief Executive of a private equity fund dedicated to healthcare. 


He is also National Coordinator for Vichaar Manthan, UK, a platform for earnest thinkers to engage in dialogue on issues that affect British society, through a Hindu civilisational lens.

He was mentor to Ravi Lakhani and Devika Jina.



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