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We're looking for bright, energetic and creative team players.

A Creative Ecosystem

"Tattva is about making creativity the norm. It has brought about a fundamental shift in the way I approach the work of creativity and research - more so because the team empowers me to push the frontiers of what I know - and in turn, I have space to push them. Together we build something remarkable."

- Harsha Sri-Ramesh


Team Culture

Each team connects virtually on a weekly basis and as an organisation, on a monthly basis. Once every 4 months, we have weekend-long training, planning and 'free-thinking' sessions to stimulate personal and organisational growth.

Every aspect of the work falls into the following categories: Samyak (understanding and team alignment), Swādhyāya (self-introspection and learning), Sampark (networking and exploration) and Sādhanā (individual work)

We never let one-another fail. We support the person next to us. We go beyond our individual role.


Publishing: Assistant Publishing Manager
Publishing: Production and Design Lead
Publishing: Sales and Distribution
Publishing: Events, Marketing and PR
Communications - Social Media and Newsletter
Communications - Video
Ideas - Research Facilitator
People - Academy Lead
People - Network Lead
Funding - Grants and Sponsorship


We are open for registration of interest for roles. Please ensure you have read the eligibility criteria before applying.
The next round of recruitment begins August 2022.