Soil and Roots: Migration, Integration, Connection

Making sense of globalisation and sustainable communities

This series of essays explores a relatively new phenomenon in human history - that of mass migration - alongside its allied areas of integration and connection.

Elephant Editions
March 31, 2021


Whilst human history has witnessed migrations of peoples from one area of the world to another, whether through the expanision of empires, the pursuit of riches, or the forced movement of people, this century has witnessed the movement of people across the world as a norm.

Globalisation has broken traditional national barriers, and allowed for trade and tourism to operate in relatively liberal ways. Where economic opportunities and asylum have inspired the migration of whole communities, the central issues of integrated living and re-connection of migrant communities to their homelands has become more prevalent.

The set of essays is inspired by an open incubation session conducted in January of 2021 entitled "Soil and Roots" where we explored the sustainability of integration in Britain.

Key Points

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Conference Write-Up

Following on from discussions in the 'Soil and Roots' Conference, we'll be bringing together minds to explore the inter-related areas of Migration, Integration and Connection.

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