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Nurturing a family of authors.
Tattva Network is an informal collective of authors from across the country who are enriching the world of publishing with their creative ideas.


As an entrepreneur and optician, Kartik wanted to explore something different. The main thrust of his work was related to wellbeing and his essay on 'Does Happiness Measure Up?' sets up a critique of objective measures of happiness that are often used to shape national and global policy. he is now focusing on Education

Other pieces included: - 'The Sunday Trading Act of 1994 - an infringment on Civil Liberty' and 'Life is not about avoiding Suffering'.


Devika is an advocate for feminism and Women's Rights, particularly in relation to South Asian diaspora. Her essay on 'Don't call us exotic: How not to fetishize Indian Women" was published in the inaugural issue for Ash Magazine. She continues to pursue her keen interest in intersectional feminism. Other works included:- 'How not to date an Indian women', 'How Brexit will effect the Third Sector'  and 'Speech isn't free if it isn't for everyone'.


Punit has directed two stage dramas. Coming from an artistic background, Tattva challenged him to balance that with the more critical and narrative approaches to writing. His work on 'War' and analysis of Gandhi's 'Satyagraha' - or civil disobedience - was a core part of his study.

In addition, he took a critical approach to the Monarchy and how Brexit could effect Higher Education.


Tejal, as a healthcare professional, started her writing with a piece on the NHS and Brexit, and a touching one entitled 'Tea with my Grandmother, who has Alzeihmer's'.

Her seminal work entitled '21st Century Yoga: A Cultural Misappropriation?' looks at whether the transmigration of Yoga to the West was essential or whether it has stripped it of it's deeper essence.


Amar's interest in British and Indian Politics and of UK-India relations as a whole, was translated into his work on 'Breaking the Colonial Mind-cuffs' - how the English language has controlled the Indic psyche, to a level where the debilitating effects of colonial rule still linger on.

Other works included a documentary piece on 'Academic Hinduphobia' and how 'Brexit will effect UK-India relations.'


Snehal, a budding science journalist, explored the unchartered territory of Ayurvedic practices in the UK. By conducting interviews from across the healthcare spectrum, she dissects Ayurvedic and modern clinical practice to unravel some interesting insights.


Vivek's keen interest in the detrimental effects of colonisation drove him to write about how 'identity' at a psychological level can be the most powerful of all triggers our trappings in a postcolonial world


Samarop Paven and Jay 1.jpg

Paven, coming from a legal and technological background, wanted to explore how knowledge sharing and social media could empower people. He took a particular focus on case studies in India.


Other works included:- They forced and captured him out of his home,  and Voting for Policies, not People. 


Samarop Zima and Vibhuti 2.jpg

Zima's entry point was that she wanted to build her skills in written and spoken communication. Amongst other things, the programme gave her the confidence to write a critical essay on the 'Rise of Veganism in the UK' and an expository piece on being 'Enslaved', an exploration of how we evaluate 'needs' and 'wants'.

Her narrative piece about her Wedding day describes a sentiment that most Indian girls experience.


Samarop Ravi and Sachin 1.jpg

Ravi's grasp of analytical philosophy bode well for his main essay on 'How reshaping our worldview can solve Brexit', where he argues for a move away from the euro-centralised version of history to something more balanced.

He wrote a personal narrative on 'Anger' and an ode to his hero and fellow climber 'Alex Honnold'.


Jazz Profile.jpg

Jaspreet's varied life experiences and creative aspirations came through in some powerful narrative pieces.

Her seminal piece on 'Women, India and Tradition: Caught in a crossfire in the war of narratives' was a powerful and confident piece exploring pertient misconceptions.


Kishan Profile.jpg

Kishan Bhatt, brought his legal background into a work on political philosophy. In light of the current political climate of Britain (June '19), he explored political philosophy from an Indic lens.



Vibhuti has a Ph.D. in Analytical Biochemistry from the University of Warwick and currently works for the University of Cambridge as a head of team supporting researchers to rake their discoveries into real-world applications.

She is also a volunteer project leader for FoodCycle Cambridge, a cinephile, and a recent convert to the joy of running, completing her first half-marathon in March 2018.



Rishi studies Maths with Theoretical Physics at UCL before pursuing an MA in Hindu Law and Indian Philosophy and a Ph.D. in the Study of Religions at SOAS.

He is currently head of Sanskrit at St James' Senior Boys School.

In his spare time, he is the keyboardist and guitarist of a band called Flute that Groove and is always up for learning and teaching languages.

He mentored Vidhu Sharma and Tejal Pankhania.



Shivani has a BSc in biochemistry and Mres in biochemical research from Imperial College London. Currently she heads research for EI Advisory and manages a team of analysts, writing intelligence reports for B2B corporates.

She has hobbies in fitness, cooking, theatre, Star Wars and raising her three-year old boy.

She was mentor to Kartik Bharadia.



Having pursued a professional career in academia and industry, most recently as European IT director for a multinational, Jay is now focused on business consulting, writing and as a part-time University academic. Jay's interests span:- History, Dharmic Philosophy, Current affairs and Indian Diaspora. 

He was mentor to Paven Sharma and Amar Trivedi

He heads the financial strategy for Tattva.



Sachin has an undergraduate in engineering and is a postgraduate of Philosophy. He has written and published several academic papers around Identity, Christian and Islamic theology, and Liberty. In a professional capacity, he is the Chief Executive of a private equity fund dedicated to healthcare. 


He is also National Coordinator for Vichaar Manthan, UK, a platform for earnest thinkers to engage in dialogue on issues that affect British society, through a Hindu civilisational lens.

He was mentor to Ravi Lakhani and Devika Jina.

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