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The intense nature of the programme requires a strong intention to work in a disciplined manner and engage regularly with the rest of the mentors and team. We understand many applicants have full time jobs and juggle other commitments. With this in mind, and with the help of previous graduates, we've developed a list of criteria which you would need to meet in order to apply.

Mandatory commitment criteria:

- Mandatory attendance to all listed workshop weekends and events (See Key Dates)

- Between 4-6 hours of work time per week.

- Weekly catchup calls with respective mentor.

- Regular online communication with fellow team members.

You should apply if you:

- Aspire to actually become an author and/or thought leader.

- Have a unique idea, or an issue to tackle, that requires further development and you understand it will take considerable effort to develop your idea into a tangible output.

- Meet the above commitment criteria

- Are a team player

- Are comfortable with structure and can meet deadlines.

- Have a close affinity with your Indic roots.

You should re-consider your application if you:

- Cannot meet the commitment criteria

- Are simply 'dabbling' with the prospect of writing and not serious about being an author.

More than anything however, we look for people with a good heart; those that have the humility to acknowledge contrarian viewpoints; those that can empathise with people and issues; those that are also willing to step up and take leadership where required.

Selection process

Whilst there is no rigid 'checklist' by which we select applicants, all applications are reviewed on the basis of the above guidance criteria. Decisions of selection are taken by a group and not by any one individual.

All applications will be notified of selection by Sunday 25th November.

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