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About 'Creativity In Crisis'

Coronavirus has had an unprecedented global impact. The loss of lives and livelihood have rattled this country to its core, however the UK has come together to fight this virus. 

Though our updates of the pandemic may come from daily briefings and news bulletins, there are countless unique stories during this global outbreak, which are at risk of being lost amongst all the noise. Tattva Press is an independent publisher, aiming to bring diversity to contemporary British literature. 

‘Creativity in Crisis’ aims to capture a few of these unique stories and perspectives from the public, including key workers, the elderly, parents and educators. All of the proceeds from this publication will be donated to the National Emergencies Trust (NET) Coronavirus appeal.

Illustrations by @itslikethisonly

Available in Paperback and eBook

There will be a limited run of the paperback edition for 'Creativity in Crisis'. If you don't want to miss out, we encourage you to place your order as soon as possible. 

If you would prefer to read it as an eBook, then the publication will be available via Amazon Kindle. You do not need a Kindle device, but you will need to download the free Amazon Kindle app to read the book after your purchase.

All proceeds from both copies will be donated to the National Emergencies Trust (NET) Coronavirus Appeal. 

The publication will be available as a paperback or eBook via Amazon. The eBook can be viewed on all Kindle apps and devices. 100% of profits from the paperback and eBook will go towards the Coronavirus Appeal for the National Emergencies Trust (NET) Registered Charity in England, Wales (1182809) and Scotland (SC050062) 

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Paperback (limited edition)


What does The National Emergencies Trust Do?

The National Emergencies Trust (NET) works collaboratively with a wide range of organisations to ensure the maximum amount of money is raised and is distributed effectively and fairly to those organisations who can do most to help those in need.  

Why The National Emergencies Trust Needs Your Support?

The outbreak of coronavirus is both a global and national emergency. Many people are suffering, not just from ill health but also from the economic impact as well as the effects of social distancing and isolation. While there is much that government can and is doing, there is also a strong desire of the public to help others and there are local grassroots organisations that can provide vital support to people who need it. Now is the time for small acts to make a big difference in uniting us.  The National Emergencies Trust is the place to unite the funds in one place, so that we can best redistribute your goodwill to where it is needed most, as quickly as possible. 

Help Tattva Press raise more money for The National Emergencies Trust

If you have already purchased the publication and want to donate more, or you just want to support the NET however you can, then you are welcome to donate through our dedicated fundraising page on the NET website. All the proceeds will be going towards supporting the Coronavirus Appeal launched by the NET. If you wish to learn more about what they are doing then click here.