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Saturday 23rd February 2019, 10-4pm, London

Learn the art of memoirs, investigative journalism, documentary writing, and interview techniques by industry expert and renowned author, Will Storr.


Will is an award winning journalist and novelist, featured in The Guardian, The New Yorker, Tedx and Under the Skin, and brings with wealth of insight and experience to this one-day workshop on mastering long-form journalism. He combines the literary techniques of storytelling with real world events and people, to deliver a truly interactive and informative day.

Past delegates have gone on to write features, documentaries and memoirs.

Limit spaces: 14



Long-form Journalism in a day

Saturday 30th March 2019, 10-4pm, London

Master the art of writing fiction, in this day long masterclass with co-founder of Liars League, author and lecturer, Katy Darby. Katy has been teaching creative writing since 2008 and has previously acted as editor for Litro magazine.

Delegates will learn how to construct characters, themes, settings, plots and get live feedback on their stories. With tons of resources and crib sheets, aspiring writers will have their creative juices flowing with this superbly constructed day long course.

Past delegates have gone on to publish their own short stories.

Limited spaces: 16



How to write short story fiction in a day


Learn one of the most crucial skills in today's age - critical thinking and writing. More than ever, there is a need to think clearly and communicate one's ideas in a coherent manner. This half-day workshop, led by Dr Rishi Handa PhD, will cover the broad theories of critical writing, how to construct effective arguments and how to uncover logical fallacies.

By the end, delegates will be equipped with the basic structure and language of effective argumentative and persuasive writing and be in a strong position to communicate with clarity. Past delegates have gone on to write persuasive essays and policy papers.

Limited spaces: 16



How to construct a compelling argument

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