Press Release: Non-profit writers network provide scholarships to aspiring authors of Indian Diaspora and launch their third book

On Saturday 22nd June, Tattva celebrated its third book launch, Tipping Points, featuring the latest cohort of authors, Jaspreet Kaur Sharma, Kishan Bhatt, Snehal Shah and Vivek Sharma. Attended by creative leaders like Niraj Chag, Parle Patel and Karun Soni, the event was a celebration of the intersection of Indic Culture, Society and Literature, held at the prestigious King’s Place, London.

Since 2017, Tattva, a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, has trained and published the works of 17 authors. Through a structured, 16-week programme of mentoring, assignments and workshops, aspiring authors are led through all varieties of writing and publishing expertise. Award-winning novelists, journalists and literary experts facilitated workshops, including Katy Darby of Liars' League London, Will Storr, author of ’Selfie', Cyan Traynor of Huck Magazine, and industry expert Scott Pack. 

A key element of the programme is its focus on one-to-one mentoring. Mentors range from academics and education experts to marketing directors and editors. After the programme, Tattva offers a network for alumni members to collaborate, build their portfolios and access publishing opportunities. Parts of the programme are open to the public through the range of its workshops and events which have taken place in major UK cities. Over three years, the programme has published over 90 pieces of literature in three books, 'Being in Beta', 'Think Different' and now 'Tipping Points'. 


Long-form features included:- ‘Decolonising Identity’, ‘Dissecting Ayurveda’, ‘Women, Tradition and India’ and ‘Mending Broken Politics’, alongside narratives on Jazz Music, Autism, Divorce and Depression. Keynotes by literary expert and novelist Katy Darby and coordinator for cultural education for Hindu Swayemsevak Sangh, Tushar Shah, concluded the afternoon’s formal events. Tushar commented, "Its about bringing mentors and mentees together for a common purpose". Award winning YouTuber, Parle Patel remarked, "Today's event was incredible. It was a clean and conscious reminder that we have so many stories to tell and to know there is a programme that helps develop those skills, is incredible."


Tattva operates on a non-profit, voluntary basis, and seeks to collaborate with organisations across the literary and arts industries. Its vision is to ensure a greater diversity of people and ideas in the world of publishing. It seeks to  To find out more about how to get involved , please visit The latest book is on sale at


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