The Tattva Authorship Programme is a series of workshops and dedicated mentoring for aspiring writers.
Participants are guided through a journey towards their first manuscript, on a topic they're passionate to write about and publish. 
This year, we have 12 spaces. If you have an idea, want to write, but need some structured guidance and support, register your interest below.

In this noisy world,

what story do you want to tell?

Accelerate your writing journey

Kishan Profile.jpg

Kishan Bhatt

2019 Graduate

"Tattva offered me guided discipline. For years, I was thinking about writing on Politics, but I never found the time, confidence or support. And now, I've written my first book and already preparing for my second."


Tejal Pankhania

2018 Graduate

"What I found remarkable about the process was that I managed to produce five pieces of literature in just 16 weeks. This is something I could never imagine doing on my own"


Paven Sharma

2017 Graduate

"Tattva not only allowed me to write with full clarity and confidence but also enabled me to embrace my contrarian views as part of my ongoing learning"









Tattva 2018 Grads 17 June 2018 - Sachin

Tattva 2018 Grads 17 June 2018 - Sachin











12 Aspiring Authors

4 workshop weekends

Access to a network and dedicated mentoring


Publishing Opportunities

Be the most interesting person in the room


Application Process

1. Ensure you accept the application criteria and can commit to the key dates.

2. Register your interest below.

3. You will then be sent an application form to complete  by midnight on 26th February  

Thanks! Message sent.

Application Criteria:

Key Dates:

You must:

- be over the age of 21

- hold a bachelor's degree

- be fluent in speaking and writing English

- attend all mandatory in-person days (see key dates).

- commit 4-5 hours per week for writing.

- have an idea or topic area that you want to write about. (see examples on the Projects page.)

- have an affinity to Indian culture, India and the Indian diaspora.

- be a team player

- be courageous and self-motivated.

Application Deadline

Wednesday 26th February Midnight 

Days 1&2: Introductory Weekend, Creativity, Skills and Ideas

Saturday 4th-Sunday 5th April, 9-6pm, B'ham

Days 3&4: Compelling Non-fiction Storytelling, Co-creation and Pitching

Saturday 23rd-Sunday 24th May, 9-6pm, Venue TBC

Day 5: Building a Personal Brand

Saturday 20th OR 21st June 9-6pm, London

Days 6 & 7: 'Going Pro', Reflection and Future Opportunities

Saturday 5th-Sunday 6th September 9-6pm, Venue RBC


Fees and Funding:

- This programme is part-sponsored through donations, substantially easing the financial burden on applicants.

- The cost of the programme will be £285 per participant. This includes all the programme content and resources, but excludes food, travel, accommodation and any additional material.

Programme Features


4 energetic workshop weekends, spread over the 5 month period, full of practical skills, as well as opportunities to network and collaborate.


The art of mentorship is to recognise a spark of interest, a small ember of ambition, and kindle it to the point where it can go on to reach its full, glowing potential. We do this by entrenching mentoring relationships from the very beginning.



Plenty of resources to guide writers through the various forms of writing.



Creativity is hard when done alone. That's why we invest in one another's journeys. By engaging with the programme, participants will gain access to a wider network of authors and  who actively help one-another.



Getting ideas to the marketplace by helping authors to pitch and develop their public personas.


Publishing opportunities