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Tattva springboards writers.

Tattva’ is a Sanskrit term meaning the essence of’. It is the fearless and open-minded search for the essence of things. It inspires the aspirant to search both internally and externally, set aside mental biases, question their own basic assumptions and make earnest enquiries into the essence of what is being sought. It opens a space for new ways of being, thinking and doing. Through it, we better understand ourselves and our environments.

The Tattva Authorship Programme is a scholarship-based, structured course, seeking to up-skill aspiring authors from Indic backgrounds who have something unique to say. Through workshops, one-to-one mentoring and assignments, the aspiring authors are able to confidently communicate on topics related to the British Indian community through literature.

Through the structured approach of workshops, mentoring, assignments and networking, writers explore topics of interest and work to produce pieces that lend themselves well to publication. Unlike conventional writing programmes which focus only on the technical elements, Tattva provides a holistic approach to the development of an author. They are able to confidently confront their inner barriers and gain insights in what it means to write well.


We are a non-profit initiative who work on a voluntary basis and offer scholarships to aspiring authors.

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